In a world where it’s all for the kids, and fanny packs reign supreme, six parents duke it out to see who’s got what it takes to rule the school district once and for all (the coming school year). Friendships are challenged, patience is tested, and the wine coolers run dry in The Moms: Fannypackin’ Heat. There’s just one question: are you Mom enough?

Full of 90's nostalgia and mom-jeans galore, The Moms: Fannypackin' Heat brings a quirky cast of seven together to see what happens when the ultimate prize is on the line: PTA President. Moms, Dads, and anyone who's ever had a mom or dad can relate to the delightful and zany antics of these Applewood School District parents.  90 minute runtime, fanny packs and ugly sweaters encouraged.


December 5-December 29, 2013





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